Autumn is here. Time to provide the world with some vitamin C !

The autumn arrived and with it did arise the need for some vitamin C to keep those runny noses away. There is a deliciously easy way to do this: eat citrus fruits! And let’s be honest: those little easy peelable citruses, like mandarins, are one very handy and convenient snack to take anywhere. It’s a snack packed and ready to be tossed in to your bag.

Due the weather circumstances this summer and autumn the sizes of all the citruses will be smaller this beginning of the season. No worries though: we expect this to change along the season, which means the citrus sizes we are used to will return!

The numbers are as follows: The current journey time for citruses to Canada is 12 days, to Hong Kong 26 days, 23 to Singapur and 20 to Malaysia. The size of boxes our beloved clemenules are sold in is 2,3 Kg and the oranges come in 15 kg boxes when shipped.

In a week we will start to ship our clemenules to make our clients happy. Our other stars, Orri and Tango, will be ready to go around mid January. Shortly said: the citrus fun never stops. We’ll keep you up to date about them in a coming post.

Remember that we are seeking distributors for our fruit and vegetables abroad. Get to know us and contact our team if you want more information!

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