The King of the stone fruit!

With an extreme juiciness and an incredible exotic taste… Yes, we are talking about the King of the stone fruit: the Donut Peach! Why have we crowned it as the KING? Cause its season lasts from mid-May to mid-September. So, from the beginning to the end of the summer (Yeah!) it is the fruit that join us till autumn starts again.

We can found it in different zones of Spain: Today in Murcia, tomorrow in Extremadura and after tomorrow in Lerida. Spain is the main growing area of ​​this delicacy. The figures are clear: Spain is the largest producer of Donut Peach in Europe: we like the good products plus we are world leaders in developing new varieties. Spain was among the first countries to bet for Donut peach orchards!

As it is described in its name, Donut Peach or flat peach, makes allusion to the famous fried glazed dessert due to its flatten shape and impressive sweetness. Even the name makes it different from other fruits. It is something that Asians love. Cause once again our goal is the Asian market, which was delighted with this funny fruit the last season in 2015.


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