The Salustiana oranges of LASARTE

We interviewed our very own friend José María Juarranz, CEO of Lasarte SAT, about what he loves to do most and is best at: cultivating oranges. One of the oranges José María cultivates is very popular and it is for a reason. We are hinting to the Salustiana right here. It’s the perfect orange because of its versatility: you can eat it just like this or you can  juice it. That’s why we love them! And kids love them for the little pulp it contains. José Maria himself is no different from us: “I drink salustiana orange juice every morning.” he admits.

The good news is that the harvesting of this amazing orange will start at the end of this week and lasts until the end of April. YEAH! And what´s even better is the weather, that has been really favorable for the Salustiana this year. He told us gladly: “There was enough rain, so there was no need for watering the oranges! Because of this, the Salustianas are of very good quality and I expect the fruits will mostly be a solid size 6.” Furthermore, José María told us he expects the total kgs picked to rise from 8000 tons last year to 12000 tons this year.

The most interesting fact which José María told us is that, at this moment the Salustiana actually enjoys cold. In this stage, warm weather could even influence the quality of the orange in a bad way. Isn’t that surprising? Even more exceptional is the place where he grows his beloved oranges. “The ground of La Vega del Guadalquivir is so versatile: you can find several different types of soil in a small area” he tells us. This could seem a challenge while this actually makes it possible for Lasarte to supply us all year long! “It allows us to control the oranges growth.” José Maria continues.



If you thought this is how far a cultivator can please your wild wishes and dreams: it doesn’t stop there. For instance, if you want to export to China and need a “strong” orange: Lasarte has it. “The younger trees grow oranges with thougher and thicker skin, while the older trees give us oranges with thinner skin. Both serve different needs and markets. The ones with a thicker skin for example withstand long journeys better.”  José Maria reveals us. The possibilities are truly endless and this really reflects the professionality of our supplier.

The reason why Lasarte posses these skills, experience and endless possiblities with oranges is due to the fact that the company and passion for oranges have been carried on for three generations already. Lasarte started off when several families came together to cultivate oranges. When we asked José María what he loves most about his job, he told us: “I love everything about it, I do it since I am little and it’s in my blood; it’s a family tradition.” Something we actually already knew as it’s evident when you taste a Lasarte orange.

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