We’ve just opened an office in Hong Kong!

We’re back from Hong Kong!

In the last post we promised to reveal you one secret after our trip to Hong Kong. This little secret is something that has totally changed our way of operating in the Asian market. Our clients were desiring it so we fulfilled this wish, with pleasure!

Besides visiting Fruit Logistica Asia, our sales team organized a celebration for… Guess what?  The grand opening of our own new office in Hong Kong! Yes. You read that right. We already liked Asia and their people before, but now we love them even more!

During this event more than 30 people, with suppliers and forwarders from all over the world, gathered to enjoy good food and fine wine. We don’t know why but it’s somehow a fact that business is discussed even better with a drink in your hand. We enjoyed the pleasant ambience of The Langham Hotel Hong Kong and the dishes of the well regarded Spanish cook Pedro Sanper, who is a good friend of ours since a long time.

What was our purpose by celebrating this with our friends? A perfect occasion and environment for all our clients to network. And as you already know, that’s exactly how we love to see it: close relations with lots of trust. Currently, we have a clear objective in mind: we want our clients to simultaneously think of URIA when they seek for quality, good relations and development in the Asian market. We are sure that having our colleague from the URIA team in Hong Kong will understand better the preferences and habits of our clients. What´s more, having an office in Asia will now help us to respond immediately to the demands of our clients in Asia with the current offer of our suppliers, the farmers.

You have our promise and we’ll proof it!

You can download the photos of the event here

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