Mission accomplished: BLUEBERRY IN ASIA!

The Blueberry… that fruit that brings us so much joy! And not just for the great taste it has, but for the good results we had in the last season that finished just 15 days ago!

We promised it. Asia was our main target for 2016. And you know what? We have achieved it! Give me five! Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore have enjoyed the most antioxidant fruit in the world: The Spanish blueberry!

It has been positive twice. Because besides having reached the goal we set, our customers have been extremely pleased with our work. It’s not a bluff. We can say it in numbers: 0 complaints! This ensures an outstanding quality.

We know about the  power of  US blueberry in the market but the Spanish blue fruit is inching forward. Step by step. But without a break and in the right direction.

And not just Asia. Europe has also tried the Blueberry grown in the Spanish area of Huelva. Moreover, our shipments to Europe have grown substantially over the previous season. This confirms what we just mentioned: we are in the right direction. We are already looking forward to 2017 to join again the world’s best blueberry. Let´s go for it!

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