Origin Spain, Destination… Asia!

Asia opens its door to the queen of early summer: Cherry from Spain.

A special cherry. And not just because the Asian market is special for URIA, but also due to the work of our farmers, from which we´ve selected the best fruits. Our farmers are equipped with the last trends in agriculture. With innovative and forward-looking vision, they´ve invest in new varieties with a leading technology. There is No doubt. We can see it in their warehouses, where its modern machinery enables a great value for the cherry. Extraordinary!

If we talk about logistics, in order to offer you the best conditions of the fruit on arrival we assure you efficiency and effectiveness. We work with the best air freight routes. Which allows delivering the fruit in 36 hours from the collection of the cherry ASIAn markets. And if that was not enough, we have done our homework in terms of cold conservation, using cooling blankets, ice-packs and special plastic bags which maintains the cold chain. The sum of these strategic points ensures the product arriving in the best conditions. You know…we like to do things right!

But maybe you ask yourself, why does the cherry have so much value in the Asian market? Read! Read!:

  • Cause they consider it a delicacy! (Yeah!)
  • Cause it is a priceless gift! (What a detail!)
  • And because Asians use them to make offers to their gods! (Note that!)


We cannot stand back to that demand. Therefore, we have adapted the packaging to Asian tastes. Designed only for their market. Smart, tough and super top! It will capture the attention of everyone who sees it. We are sure of that!.

Remember that we are seeking wholesale distributors abroad for our fruit and vegetables. Get to know us and contact our team if you want more information!

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